These three dresses will help me survive the heatwave

Yes, the rumours were true, we are currently in the midst of a heatwave, and with it comes that tricky question of how to dress in 30 degree heat. There is only one answer for me: a summer dress. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it they say, and they are right. So this … Continue Reading

Instagram, Selfridges and why it’s so cult

These days, the word ‘cult’ gets bandied about very easily, however it takes more than a few Instagram likes to warrant the title. For FAITHFULL THE BRAND, it’s taken a few years to gain the title, and for good reason. Years before ethical fashion became a buzzword, friends and founders Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger wanted … Continue Reading

The Perfect Zara Ankle Boots That People Are Buying Now

Come rain or shine, nothing comes in the way of our love for a good ankle boot. Case in point: these lace-up beauties, courtesy of Zara (obvs), shown at their autumn/winter press day yesterday, which was incidentally one of the hottest days of the year. I shared them on my stories and received so many … Continue Reading

Buy Carry On Suitcase & Travel Bags

Finding the perfect luggage is no mean feat, especially when factoring in baggage restrictions etc. Now I don’t like to call myself a diva, but I do have a suitcase or travel bag for every occasion, because a one-case-fits-all scenario doesn’t really cut it. I may not always pack light, but I pack well, and … Continue Reading

How To Layer Gold Necklaces

Whilst my trysts with trends may be fleeting (hello tie dye, goodbye neon), there is one constant love in my life, that transcends the seasons: gold necklaces. The kind you can layer and layer and never get tired of. The beauty of gold necklaces is that they make everything look expensive, instantly, whether that’s a … Continue Reading

This £5 accessory is flying off the shelves for good reason

I know I keep banging on about the heatwave, and which dresses and fabrics to wear when it’s hot, but well anything that can make it bearable if you’re not lucky enough to be lying by a pool is good in my books. Which brings me to the £5 accessory that is flying off the … Continue Reading

Trust Me, You'll Wear These Shoes Day In, Day Out for the Next 6 Months

We hate to be those people—the type that always complain about the weather regardless of which season they’re in—but we can’t help but look forward to the cooler months. Why? Because it’s already set to be a very stylish affair. We’ve extensively analysed the autumn/winter 2019 trends and we can confirm that they’ll be many … Continue Reading

Why Loewe’s Basket Bag Is Still The It Bag of Summer

If you’re looking for a timeless beach bag, I really only one word for you: LOEWE. Whilst there are many other beautiful designs out there, the Spanish luxury brand has managed to serve up the most desirable basket bag out there, and it’s still on everyone’s wish-list a few seasons on. Last summer, you were … Continue Reading

These Are the 6 Beauty Products Michelle Obama Swears By

Last week, I was lucky enough to be provided with a little insider insight by a representative for Glossier, one of my favourite “Instagram beauty” brands. On Tuesday, they dropped two new shades of their iconic Lip Gloss (£11) and revealed that Michelle Obama actually wore the red-tinted version for her headline slot at Essence Festival … Continue Reading

What Influencers and Fashion Editors Are Taking On Holiday

I’ll admit I’m the first to spend a ridiculous amount of clothes in the run-up to a holiday, I just get caught up in the excitement and all those opportunities to wear lovely clothes you’d never really get away with in a city setting. However I find that the older I get, the more I … Continue Reading