How to get your curls back after straightening curly hair

Can you straighten curly hair and keep your curls looking good? Here’s what to do before, during and after straightening curly hair so that you can achieve any hairstyle you like – curly or straight. My hair is naturally curly and I have shared how I don’t follow the curly girl method. I like variety … Continue Reading

The one thing you should take to the hair salon

Knowing how to describe a style to a hairdresser is really complicated. Should you take pictures to the salon? What sort of pictures should you take? And how can you use pictures at the salon to explain what you want? I’m answering all these questions for you in my video below on the one thing … Continue Reading

How to get root volume in curly hair

When you have curly hair people automatically think you must have a lot of volume, but it’s not always the case. If you have fine curly hair or long curly hair, getting volume at the roots can be quite tricky. Part of my Q&A reader series, this post is all about going big and how … Continue Reading

Loving lately – Hair Romance

Things I’ve been loving lately: Late summer weather in Sydney Spending time with friends Thinking about where to go in the USA since we won flights! Looking after my houseplants (they’re still alive!) Printing some our travel photos for home Yoga with Adriene workouts And I’m also loving that Shopbop are having a massive sale! … Continue Reading

How to maintain your hair colour

You invest time and money in changing your hair, so here’s how to maintain your hair colour. Whether you’re going lighter or darker, keeping your hair colour fresh can take some work. As I’ve been pretty much every hair colour, I’ve got a few tips to share as part of my Hair Romance Good Hair … Continue Reading

How to grow long healthy hair

When you think of good hair, you healthy, shiny hair and today I am tackling how to grow long healthy hair as part of the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. By the way, if you want to be the first to see my Q&As, you should definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Today’s … Continue Reading

Should your eyebrows match your hair?

Hair colour and eyebrow colour – should they match or what are the colour rules? I’m answering your hair questions in my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. These are going live on my YouTube channel first so make sure you click here to subscribe. Today’s question is about your eyebrows and your hair colour … Continue Reading

What is co-washing? – Hair Romance

What is co-washing and why would you do it? When you first start looking into curly hair techniques, there’s so much jargon that it’s hard to follow: SOTC, co-wash, STC… the list goes on. I think it’s really confusing and can intimidate beginners. What is co-washing? Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series Click here if … Continue Reading

How to Get a Gel Cast in Curly Hair

A gel cast is the secret to frizz free curls. It’s a weird styling step and I’ll explain the process in more detail. This is #5 of my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series and I can’t believe I’m 5/5. As you (hopefully) have better expectations of myself but I know in the past that … Continue Reading

Can you Brush Curly Hair?

Can you brush curly hair? Is it a good idea and what happens when you do brush out your curls? Welcome back to Day 4 of the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. I’m creating new videos to answer your hair questions, because if you’re brave enough to ask it, you know that most of … Continue Reading