How do you get bobby pins to stay in your hair?

So many hairstyles rely on bobby pins, but how do you get them to stay on your hair? It’s so annoying to have one pop out of slide straight out of your hair. It leaves your style unstable or falling out, and it means you’ll have to replenish your hairpin stock soon too. The best … Continue Reading

How do you part curly hair when it’s dry?

Styling curly hair can be tricky. Knowing where to part your hair can make such a difference to your face and can give your hair a lot more volume. Changing your part can completely change your hairstyle. Here are my tips on how to part your curly hair once it’s dry. Today’s question came from … Continue Reading

Curly hair & bleach – what you need to know

Lightening or bleaching your hair, takes a heavy toll, especially when you have curly hair. But there are ways of doing it to minimise the damage, and I think my hair is proof of this. I’ve been colouring my curly hair for years now, and over the last couple of years, I went blonder and … Continue Reading

Hair trend alert – Hair Romance

UPDATE: These accessories are now on sale at Shopbop with the code EVENT19 – You can save up to 25% for 3 days only at Shopbop. (I bought this dress & these PJs!)  You’ve probably noticed this hair trend as you scroll Instagram but hair accessories are back in a BIG way. Classic 90s snap clips … Continue Reading

The best haircuts for curly hair

One of the most debated topics online is which are the best haircuts for curly hair. I wasn’t surprised when someone submitted this question to my Good Hair Q&A series I ran recently, and while I’m a little bit nervous to tackle it, I do have some tips that I wanted to share with you. … Continue Reading

My travel braid tutorial you can wear under a hat

My wrap-around travel braid tutorial is perfect for wearing under a hat. I created this style when I was traveling in Croatia and I finally put together a video tutorial for you. You may notice that in the video that my hair is a different colour to what it is at the start. I had … Continue Reading

How to take a good profile pic

Hair Romance x Optus Collaboration Your profile pic is like a digital calling card. Whether it’s for social media, business or dating, we all need a headshot that says who we are. I’m super excited to be working with Optus on the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and, in partnership with Bumble, we want to help … Continue Reading

How to get your curls back after straightening curly hair

Can you straighten curly hair and keep your curls looking good? Here’s what to do before, during and after straightening curly hair so that you can achieve any hairstyle you like – curly or straight. My hair is naturally curly and I have shared how I don’t follow the curly girl method. I like variety … Continue Reading

The one thing you should take to the hair salon

Knowing how to describe a style to a hairdresser is really complicated. Should you take pictures to the salon? What sort of pictures should you take? And how can you use pictures at the salon to explain what you want? I’m answering all these questions for you in my video below on the one thing … Continue Reading

How to get root volume in curly hair

When you have curly hair people automatically think you must have a lot of volume, but it’s not always the case. If you have fine curly hair or long curly hair, getting volume at the roots can be quite tricky. Part of my Q&A reader series, this post is all about going big and how … Continue Reading