When it comes to celebrity weddings, traditional goes out the window. For example, a couple of years ago, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen gave us a lesson in alternative bridesmaids dressing for their friend’s wedding.

However, Lady Gaga just gave them a good run for their money at her makeup artist and friend’s wedding this weekend. Sarah Tanno got married on the beach in Mexico, and decided not to dress her bridesmaids in traditional matching dresses.

The singer took the brief very seriously, opting for head-to-toe pink. She wore a slinky pink silk dress with a thigh slit, and no shoes as you just don’t need them on sand.

Gaga also showcased flowing hot pink locks, pink nails and a bright pink bouquet, whilst her fellow bridesmaid looked equally pink in a pastel dress with ruffles.

She later posted videos of them all partying, singing and dancing for what appeared to be an epic wedding night.

It was a slightly more traditional affair the night before as Gaga donned a black dress and had her hair up in a chignon for the rehearsal dinner.

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