I’m a big fan of a comprehensive skincare routine, but I can’t lie: Sometimes, it’s nice to strip things back to basics and forgo a seven-step ritual in favour of one product that does it all. Coconut oil is nothing new—while it’s been trending for the past few years, it’s actually been used for hundreds of years as a does-it-all treatment for skin, hair and teeth.

As someone who’s prone to breakouts, I was reluctant to jump onboard the coconut-oil bandwagon, despite everyone from Miranda Kerr to Emma Stone raving about its skincare benefits. But when a colleague in a previous job with the most amazing skin put her complexion glow down to coconut oil, I was swayed.

My coconut oil of choice. It’s cold-pressed, extra virgin and 100% raw and organic, so you know it’s the best quality for your skin. I tend to pick this up when I’m doing the food shop and use it for everything from cleansing to moisturising my legs.
A 100% pure coconut cream that boasts a whipped texture to condition skin and lightly nourish. Plus, the packaging is a little more Instagram-friendly than my chosen tub.
“A rich concentrated cleanser with caprylic acid fraction from coconut oil, which helps to thoroughly removes all makeup,” said Franklin.
For a dose of intense hydration, this nourishing sheet mask is saturated with coconut oil to restore glow.
Not only does this rich body lotion smell like holidays, but also it’s brimming with coconut oil to hydrate even the most parched of skin.

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