There isn’t a day that passes without eyeing up another woman’s arm candy. In fact, as fashion editors, we can often rely on the innate ability to be able to sniff out the next It bag from a distance. Subsequently, when we spotted the latest additions to the Mulberry family—Millie and Keeley—we just knew they’re the new hero styles. Most fashion lovers will see owning a Mulberry bag as one of those wardrobe-changing moments. Be it the iconic Heritage Bayswater tote or the more recent Amberley Satchel, they’re memorable each season.

While it may not even be summer yet, accessories are already ahead of the game—starting with the new bags from the autumn/winter 2019 drop. Newly launched, the Keeley is the shoulder bag us nineties lovers can appreciate. Then, there’s Millie—the sleek, stylish bucket. We’re a sucker for a fashion piece with a story, and with all the leather goods being handmade in the UK’s Somerset factories, this is reason enough to invest, right? Right. It’s time to meet your bag for life (and by this, we don’t mean a supermarket carrier). Scroll down to see and shop Mulberry’s new It season bags.

Next up, take a look at the summer trends we approve of. 

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