My lashes and I have a love-hate relationship. I love them because they’re long (the type of long that causes makeup artists and facialists to stop and tell me so), but I also hate them because regardless of length, they just do not curl. Believe me—I’ve tried every lash curler, every mascara that promises volume and lift, and even the age-old trick of heating the aforementioned curlers before using them (the result: burnt lashes. It’s been a journey, but the only thing that has worked is the one treatment I turn to time and time again for natural-looking, curl-enhanced, incredible lashes: LVL. Keep reading to learn more about the treatment I urge all my friends to get and to see my results.

To be honest, anything Caudalie does I want to slater on my face, but this cleansing water is one of the most refreshing products I’ve tried. As the title of this story suggests, I haven’t worn mascara since having the LVL done two consecutive times, however, on a rare night out when I do wear it, this is what I use to take it off again.
This stuff is a godsend. It keeps your lashes softer than soft, and makes the treatment last longer since hydrating your lashes keeps them healthy. I’d strongly urge anyone considering getting LVL (or even just anyone who wants to start looking after their lash health) to purchase this! Trust me—a little goes a long way.
When I do wear mascara, I turn to my favourite, Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara. It amps up your lashes even more and makes them look super dramatic—perfect for a night out.
I find that if I am wearing mascara, I want to ensure whatever I’m using to take it off is as soft as possible so I don’t pull or tug at my lashes and cause them to drop. I recently purchased these reusable makeup pads made from bamboo, and not only do I feel better about being able to wash and reuse them, but they’re also the softest makeup-remover pad I’ve ever used. Up next, these are the 20 best drugstore mascaras on Amazon.

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