How do you part curly hair when it’s dry?

Styling curly hair can be tricky. Knowing where to part your hair can make such a difference to your face and can give your hair a lot more volume. Changing your part can completely change your hairstyle. Here are my tips on how to part your curly hair once it’s dry. Today’s question came from … Continue Reading

Curly hair & bleach – what you need to know

Lightening or bleaching your hair, takes a heavy toll, especially when you have curly hair. But there are ways of doing it to minimise the damage, and I think my hair is proof of this. I’ve been colouring my curly hair for years now, and over the last couple of years, I went blonder and … Continue Reading

Hair trend alert – Hair Romance

UPDATE: These accessories are now on sale at Shopbop with the code EVENT19 – You can save up to 25% for 3 days only at Shopbop. (I bought this dress & these PJs!)  You’ve probably noticed this hair trend as you scroll Instagram but hair accessories are back in a BIG way. Classic 90s snap clips … Continue Reading

This Is Where All The Cool Cali Girls Are Shopping

I’ve recently come back from LA (not a brag, there is a purpose I promise), and trying tasty brunch places aside, my favourite thing to do there is discovering where all the cool Cali girls are shopping. Which is how I came upon The Dreslyn, which you might or might not know about already, since … Continue Reading