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In case you missed it, it looks like Legally Blonde 3 is finally happening. In fact, Reese Witherspoon just told Entertainment Tonight that it was ‘Gonna be so fun!’ (I don’t doubt it one bit Reese). So it got me thinking about what Elle Woods would wear today.

Now in the first film, Elle is all about her sandals (all designer of course, loves her Miu Mius and her Jimmy Choos, Elle does) – some of which she still showed off again on Legally Blonde’s 15th birthday.

My favourite pair of hers was without a doubt the pair of wedges she wore to watch Warner and his Harvard frat boy friends play football. You know the ones, pink with a see-through heel. Gorge.

The first film came out in 2001, and after all, Elle knows her fashion, so it’s safe to assume she’d be up to date with the latest trends.

I’ve been seeing a lot of vinyl strap sandals and perspex heels around, and I think they’re the perfect update to those wedges, yet still have that early noughties vibe about them. I’ve rounded up my favourite styles below. Now I know what you’re going to say, they’re not all pink (‘whoever said orange was the new pink, was seriously disturbed’).

However, they’re plenty sassy, which what hotshot lawyer Elle Woods is all about. Non?

Shop now: Office March Perspex Mules White Leather for £65 from Office

Shop now: Vinyl straps sandals for £35.99 from Mango

Shop now: SANDALS WITH VINYL STRAP DETAIL for £39.99 from Zara

Shop now: BROTHER VELLIES Palms feather-embellished satin mules for £246 from Net-A-Porter

Go full Elle Woods and team with a pink halterneck dress or skirt suit, or tone it down with mum jeans and a white shirt.

Up to you.

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