These Spot Stickers Are So Damn Effective That They Keep Selling Out

There’s nothing I love more as a beauty editor than spotting a trend via a new wave of products. It starts with a few more press releases than usual announcing a new brand or product. The next thing I know, it’s landed on my desk. Slowly but surely, I begin to realize there’s a moment … Continue Reading

Allow us to introduce the sunglasses and sneakers we’re coveting this season

*Adds to basket When it comes to chic tailoring with luxe sport refinement and clothes that women ACTUALLY want to wear Sportmax have been nailing it season after season. Which is why, when we heard that for pre fall 2019 they were adding eyewear and sneakers into the mix, we knew it would be love … Continue Reading

It's My Job to Know What's Chic—Here's My Under-£100 Wish List

Fashion editors are spoilt, and I’m allowed to say that because I am one. Not spoilt because we have heaps of cash to splash on a whim when we just happen to be breezing through Valentino, no. (In fact, fashion salaries are notoriously crap.) But we do get to see these pieces all the time, … Continue Reading

The New Summer Dresses You’ll Love

Feeling fed up looking at the same old summer wardrobe? Then it might be time to invest in one of the new dress trends of 2019. Like most years there are so many styles to choose from – including old classics like the floral maxi and silky slip – so to make things easy we’ve … Continue Reading

My Eyebrows Doubled in Size After Making These 6 Sneaky Changes

My eyebrows and I been through a journey together. Though I’m naturally blessed—or rather, was naturally blessed at the time of my birth—with superbly bushy brows (thanks, Dad!), I surrendered to the tweezing craze all through high school and college. For years, not only was I convinced my super-skinny arches looked better than my natural fuller … Continue Reading

Meghan Markle’s Suits outfits are giving us serious work style inspiration

Before she was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was paving the way for kick-ass female paralegals everywhere for 7 seasons of the hit TV show Suits. The show is known for giving viewers a peek into the lives of high-powered New York City attorneys… but it is also a goldmine of formal and classic … Continue Reading

How to Actually Deal With a Spot, According to Meghan’s Makeup Artist

If you’ve ever panic Googled ‘how to get rid of a spot’ having woken up to the mother of all breakouts on the morning of an important meeting or big event then you’ll be well aware of just how much conflicting advice there is out there on the topic. To squeeze or not to squeeze? To attempt to … Continue Reading

Hard water and your hair

Hard water can damage your hair and the mineral heavy water can change how your hair products work too. With even regular water causing damage to your hair, here’s how to minimise the effects and the signs you should be looking out for. This is day 16 of my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series … Continue Reading

My current curly hair routine

Finally my current curly hair routine is here! This has been one of my most requested videos. My previous curly hair routine on how to wash and style curly hair is my most popular video of all time. To be honest my routine hasn’t changed that much in 3 years. I’m using a few different … Continue Reading

The £10 Product I Use on My Face for Everything

I’m a big fan of a comprehensive skincare routine, but I can’t lie: Sometimes, it’s nice to strip things back to basics and forgo a seven-step ritual in favour of one product that does it all. Coconut oil is nothing new—while it’s been trending for the past few years, it’s actually been used for hundreds … Continue Reading