6 dresses that have given me total escapism this week

We have discussed how dressing up can help boost morale in these uncertain times, and how feel-good fashion can be. On that note, during the past week, whenever I’ve become a bit low after too many times refreshing my BBC newsfeed, I’ve been practicing virtual window shopping. Dresses in particular are my weakness, no other … Continue Reading

How to detox your wardrobe right now

With three weeks of self isolation ahead, now’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a good detox, by clearing out the items of clothing you’ll no longer wear, and keeping the ones that’ll last for seasons to come. I asked Charlotte Warburton, who runs a personal styling concierge service that helps clients streamline their … Continue Reading

The cult fashion films and TV shows to add to your watch list

We’ve all got our favourite feel-good films that we like to watch on repeat, and more often than not these include fashion rom coms. We all know the usual suspects: The Devil Wears Prada, Clueless, Pretty Woman… So we thought we’d share a few other cult films and TV shows you might not have seen … Continue Reading

This cult Topshop dress is back for another season

It might not seem like the right time to buy a summer dress right now, but there isn’t any harm in letting you know that Topshop’s cult Austin dress from last year has just made a comeback, well kind of. The dress Topshop is championing for SS20 is a slight variation of it and is … Continue Reading

11 At-Home Beauty Rituals That Immediately Lift Our Mood

No matter what is happening, it can be easy to forget how much we can (and totally should) do from the comfort of our own homes. In fact, almost any fancy beauty treatment, appointment or pastime can translate to a more relaxing and uplifting nature if we get a little creative with our home base setting.  Right … Continue Reading

Here are some independent fashion brands you can support online

Shops are starting to close everywhere to comply with the government’s Coronavirus guidelines, with Selfridges being the latest to shut down until further notice. While it’s difficult to gauge just how bad of an impact the virus will have on the economy, small businesses and independent fashion brands are likely to struggle, so I thought … Continue Reading

It’s important for fashion influencers to carry on as normal, and here’s why

Fashion – and fashion blogs – may seem frivolous at a time like this, but I’d argue they are exactly what we need. Of course, there are things that we can do to help, donate to food banks or spread acts of kindness for example, but more that anything we need content to make us … Continue Reading

Rixo’s new collection is bringing us much needed joy right now

It might be hard not to panic amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, but whilst we are being extra cautious (wash your hands people), we are also looking at the positives, and sometimes that includes retail therapy. And it certainly looks like the ladies behind Rixo recognise the positive impact a pretty dress can have on someone, … Continue Reading

These Zara sandals sold out within days (but they’re now back in stock)

While it may seem frivolous to talk about shopping in the mids of a Coronavirus pandemic, there is something reassuring about the normality of it. And it certainly seems like shoppers are hopeful about being out and about when the warm weather hits, judging by these sandals which went online last week and promptly sold … Continue Reading

Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread collection and the importance of dressing sustainably

‘Sustainability and responsibly sourced fashion are the first things I think about when it comes to fashion, and I knew that Needle and Thread’s values aligned with mine.’ You should definitely have heard of Needle and Thread, with Hannah Coffin‘s ultra-feminine contemporary womenswear brand worn by everyone from Kate Middleton to Instagram influencers (too many … Continue Reading