A new way to wear a crown braid (2 hairstyle tutorials in 1)

Today’s video is a hairstyle tutorial with a bonus. It’s a new way to wear a crown braid and I’ve got two versions whether you like to wear your hair down or up. Sometimes I get my hair inspiration from Instagram or from Pinterest, but this one kind of happened by accident. I was heading … Continue Reading

Pretty hairstyles – The double waterfall braid tutorial

The only thing better than a waterfall braid is a double waterfall braid! Don’t stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to… this double waterfall braid is a style you should definitely try. I’ve loved this style for ages and I just realised I hadn’t made a video tutorial so here we … Continue Reading

How to care for pink hair

Pink is my (current) favourite hair colour. I’m answering all your hair questions about including how to get pink hair, how long does it last and how to care for pastel hair. This is my latest shade of pink hair and I’ve been playing around with fun hair colour for the last few months. I … Continue Reading

A fast hairstyle tutorial for messy hair

Need a hairstyle to fix your messy hair fast? This Twist & Pin bun-hawk tutorial is a style you can do in any hair type – curly, wavy or straight. But to be honest, it works better if your hair is messy, dirty and you’re running late. (Which is me most of the time!) I’ve … Continue Reading

10 tips to make your blowdry last longer

Some people love to get a facial or a massage. For me, a blowdry is the best way to relax and look fantastic at the same time. Nothing beats that fresh salon feeling and knowing it’s a good hair day makes everything easier to face. I like to keep that good day hair feeling going … Continue Reading

How to refresh a salon blowdry / blowout

Do you want to refresh your salon blowdry at home? Here’s my easy how to and a full video tutorial on what I really do to style my hair. It might not seem like it, but I’m pretty lazy with my hair. I adore the feeling of a salon blowdry and I want it to … Continue Reading

Restore Your Fried and Damaged Hair Back To Its Crowning Glory

Photo Kevin Murphy Tiny zigzags of my fried, damaged sad hair were falling into the sink in heaps. Obviously, I freaked. The fractured, highlighted strands that stayed put had a weird filmy texture to them. I lost sleep frantically Googling damage control tactics for a bleach-job-gone-bad. I finally went to bed with my head drenched … Continue Reading

7 Gray Hair Stories That May Help You Figure Out What To Do With Yours

Every time a gray hair pops up on my crown, I lose my shit. OK, I’m not that dramatic, but I am a serial plucker. With only a few visible gray stubs here and there, this approach is manageable for now but not sustainable. And I’m not too interested in spending the rest of my … Continue Reading

Winter Hair Care Routine – Hair Romance

Hair Romance x Priceline Collaboration Do you have a winter hair care routine? The weather has a huge impact on my curls and it’s important to change your hair care with the seasons. My winter hair care routine is very different to my summer hair care routine but not in the ways you might think. … Continue Reading

S Curve braid tutorial – A pretty braided upstyle

This S Curve braid tutorial has been a favourite for a while and now I’ve finally created a video tutorial for you to follow. If you’d like to see a picture tutorial, check out this twisting braid tutorial here. This pretty braided upstyle is perfect for weddings, formals and proms. Personally, I like to wear … Continue Reading