The Necklace That Will Make Your Wardrobe Look 100 Times Chicer

The vintage-look jewellery train steams on this year, with fashion ladies favouring old world pieces as opposed to your box fresh, shiny bijouterie. And the proof is in the numbers: Last year, Vestiaire Collective reported an increase of 50% in its vintage jewellery category, according to Vogue. But the necklace we’re loving at the moment is more 9th century BC than pearls pinched … Continue Reading

The Chanel Bag Everyone Will Be Carrying in 6 Months

If you didn’t know the Chanel autumn/winter 2018 show was happening last week, one click into Instagram would have guaranteed feeds flooded with visions of an enchanted forest, that classic Chanel tweed, Kaia Gerber wearing hot-pink gloves, and much more.  Complete with every autumn necessity imaginable, including a venue doused in crisp leaves, models wrapped chin-deep … Continue Reading