Victoria Beckham Style: 26 Looks Anyone Can Copy

When temperatures hover around 5 degrees it can seem like an impossible task to appear put together, but yesterday Victoria Beckham gave us a lesson in cold weather dressing. Flying from one cold city to an even colder one (London to New York), Victoria arrived at the airport in a pair of leather black trousers and … Continue Reading

How to maintain your hair colour

You invest time and money in changing your hair, so here’s how to maintain your hair colour. Whether you’re going lighter or darker, keeping your hair colour fresh can take some work. As I’ve been pretty much every hair colour, I’ve got a few tips to share as part of my Hair Romance Good Hair … Continue Reading

Iconic Looks And The Women Who Made Them Famous

The key looks from the most decadent decade We may be a little obsessed with all things 70s at the moment, but we’ll always have a soft spot for 40s fashion and how glamorous it was – we’re pretty sure the current trend for slip skirts and dresses is a indirect result of that in … Continue Reading

3,000 are interested in these shoes and they haven’t even dropped yet

Remember last summer, when literally everyone was into these Dune summer sandals and you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing at least five influencers wearing them? Well they’re back with a vengeance, and judging by the waiting list (which you can join here), people still aren’t over them. In case you missed them last year, the leather … Continue Reading

The Designer Bags To Invest In

When it comes to investing in a new season designer handbag, we don’t take much convincing. However, it’s always good to do your research first and know which bag trends are going to be huge for the new season – which is where the buys at high-end stores come in. Harvey Nichols has just released … Continue Reading

The Best Trousers for Curvy Figures From an Editor Who Knows

Trousers and zip-up knee boots are two fashion evils that can reduce me to a crumbling shell of my former self. Being curvy and only 5’1″ makes shopping for anything quite tortuous, but I’m almost at the point where I avoid looking for trousers entirely, wearing the same worn-out ones I already own over and … Continue Reading

Naked Dresses: 15 Of The Boldest

Practical shmactical. Here’s the A-listers who took the ‘go big or go home’ approach to red carpet dressing. If you wore some of these dresses in real life you’d probably get arrested. But in the red carpet parallel universe, ‘naked’ dresses have become pretty much the norm. Here are some of the boldest. Jennifer Lopez … Continue Reading

Meghan Markle just supported a big cause with her bracelet

A couple of days ago, Meghan Markle accidentally revealed her due date while on a visit to Birkenhead with Prince Harry. And while everyone got excited about this fact, others noticed her chic jewellery, which included a delicate gold bangle. Other than the fact this is very on trend for SS19, it’s the message behind … Continue Reading

How to grow long healthy hair

When you think of good hair, you healthy, shiny hair and today I am tackling how to grow long healthy hair as part of the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. By the way, if you want to be the first to see my Q&As, you should definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Today’s … Continue Reading

The Most Expensive Dresses Of All Time Including Oscar Dresses

When you know how much work goes into celebrity red carpet dresses – Nicole Kidman’s Cannes Dior dress took 1,000 hours to make, and Adele’s Zuhair Murad Wembley dress took 500 hours, it makes sense that they have a price tag to match. But even we couldn’t handle it when we found out the most … Continue Reading